We offer programs aimed at the personal and professional growth of individuals, including the improvement in the atmosphere within a team as well as its work quality

The teambuilding centre has the longest tradition in our company. We specialise in the preparation and implementation of diagnostic, development and motivational programs for work teams and institutions. In the delivery of our programs we build on the foundations laid by experiential pedagogic and modern diagnostic methods. Our programs are delivered in the way that they fulfil the goals expressed by the client and each attendee gains personally from the program.

Each program we prepare is original and observes 3 main priorities:
  1. Goal fulfilment
    We develop a draft program based on the requirements initially expressed to us, and which contains the initial planning points, strategic approach, decision making and responsibility delegation. The finalisation of each individual issue is agreed in conjunction with the client.
  2. Creation of an accommodating and friendly atmosphere
    In our programs we promote openness and an individual and open approach to all participants. The atmosphere in our programs assists in reaching the desired goals and deepens the involvement and feeling of satisfaction by participants, which they take away with them.
  3. Safety
     We proactively and consistently ensure safety during our programs. During activities we apply the principle of voluntary participation, and our activities are always developed in consideration of the capabilities of the team and individuals within the team (physical and mental).
The above priorities are in accordance with the principles of the Czech and Slovak association for experiential learning (PSZV), which is the overseer of safety and the quality of teambuilding courses in the Czech Republic and of which we are a founding member.
In the framework of complementary activities, we also provide a full service for company events, which could include conferences, excursions, training, promotional events, dinner events etc.
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