Story of the Game

Points of You and The Coaching Game are the fruits of a long and fascinating journey during which tools were developed that generate clear and empowering communication with ourselves and those around us. Alpinautic Group, having similar philosophy, beliefs and attitude as its partner – Points of You, has brought them into the Czech Republic.

The processes undergone while playing with the Coaching Cards enable us to “take a time-out”, contemplate, feel, question, and expand our points of view.

Change often occurs when we dare to “go outside our box” and observe the world from a new angle. New perspectives are an essential part of personal development and growth, yet as easy as it is to say it, we all struggle to prove, defend, and justify our current viewpoint while ignoring others.

One of the main objectives of The Coaching Game is creating a safe yet authentic encounter wherein we’re able to hear and see other viewpoints that open us up to new possibilities.

Points of You…It’s What We’re About!

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