Our team

Ing. Jan Hruška
Founder of ALPINAUTIC (1998 – 2005 CEO). Currently Jan is gaining experience in coaching methodics and training. In the framework of his professional activities Jan utilises the experience gained in leading companies, including projects delivered in conjunction with external partners, his long term experience in PCA psychotherapy and in the training and practical application of results orientated Erickson coaching and others. In his relationships with clients he approaches with unconditional respect and with the assumption that all of us are capable of a fulfilling existence and responsibility for ourselves. He offers his clients support in the effective establishment of goals and the development of personal visions, including the support required to reach them.
In the framework of individual and team coaching Jan co-operates with the TOP and strategic managers in different companies across various industries.
Currently Jan is a member of the board of CAKO (The Czech Association of Coaches).

Motto: Fortune favours the prepared

Ing. Stanislav Stejskal
From 1994 Stanislav worked in TOP management positions orientated towards economics and financing, supporting business and implementing change. Currently Stanislav is fully devoted to coaching as a method that stimulates maximum benefit for the client, while fully respecting the client’s personal qualities and the right to develop his/her own solution.

Motto: Every person has the right to follow their goals and pursue conditions that are the most advantageous to them
Mgr. Petra Uhlíková
From 1995 Petra has been working as an independent trainer and consultant. In Petra‘s coaching practice her clients are managers of Czech and international companies, and as a perceptive listener and partner, she is able to maintain the process of coaching in a results orientated framework. Respect for personal and professional values and orientation towards defining and attaining a clients goals are among the most important principles of Petra’s approach. In the framework of co-operation Petra is prepared to, with the usage of effective coaching methods and techniques, support clients in their
dreams, imagination and vision and assist them in attaining concrete results.

Motto: On the way after you goals and dreams
Ing. Halka Baláčková, MBA.
Coach and trainer in the area of management skills, with an orientation towards personal development, time and stress management, leading people and work – life balance. Her specialisation is leading team workshops. The companies Ogilvy&Mather, Aspire Sports, Studio W, Deloitte and others belong among her long term clients. Halka’s experience comes from long term work in education, continuous training and from her hobby, the fighting art Aikido, which has a philosophy only a step away from coaching.

Motto: Belief brings miracles

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