Jan Hruska-Coach and Lecturer

Jan Hruška

Professional business coach and mentor,

Lecturer with managerial experience


Member of ČAKO – Czech Association of Coaches, board member (2008-2012)

 Contact information:

E-mail: jan.hruska@alpinautic.cz

GSM: 420 603 235 049

 My motto:

„Fortune favours the prepared “ & „Dream it, Believe it, Do it!“

 My approach to coaching:

 I believe coaching is a valuable tool in achieving the changes the client desires. The elemental core of my approach is a respect for client´s personal and professional values and a clear definition and fulfillment of client´s objectives.

As a coach (since 2002):

  • I am a partner and guide on the path of effective definition and fulfillment of client’s dreams and goals 
  • I help in finding realistic steps and details to visionaries and dreamers, without which their dreams would remain dreams only; and to the more detail-oriented clients I help in seeing “the bigger picture”, finding new sense
  • I am competent in maintaining a result-oriented coaching framework
  • I fully respect the individuality and values of the client

As a methodologist and lecturer (since 1997):

I am a co-author and I actively participate in leading several trainings of coaches:

  • Specific Training of Coaches according to the ICF competences
  • Training of Internal Coaches
  • Programs „Manager as a Coach“

I create and lead a complex series of programs focusing mainly on People Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Integral Growth (Mental, Physical, Spiritual), Integral Leadership, Life management.

My programs are built on the practical application of the theory of Spiral Dynamics Integral Technologies, NLP- Neuro Lingvistic Programming, Person Centered Approach and others.

 Selected references

Škoda Auto, a.s, (VW Group) (within the TOP 5 suppliers of educational solutions in years 2009, 2010); ČEZ, a.s; Cardif - BNP Paribas, a.s.; KPMG, a.s.; Komerční banka, a.s., ESSOX, a.s., Modrá pyramida, a.s.  (Societe General Group); Česká pojišťovna, a.s.; Česká Spořitelna, a.s.; Raiffaisen Bank, a.s.; Sberbank, a.s.; Unicredit Bank, a.s.; Business Lease, s.r.o.;  Telefónica – O2, a.s.; T-Mobile, a.s.; MB Tech s.r.o.; Idiada, s.r.o.; General University Hospital; and others

 International experience

Panama (ANCON), Spain (Educativa,s.a.), Switzerland (5 Deep Integral GmBh.), USA (Watterson Aldridge & Associates, inc.), UK (Imparta, Ltd., Centre for Human Emergence).

Professional background:

  • The Art and Science of Coaching – ICF certified results orientated and systematic coaching training   – Erickson College Canada (2006-7)
  • Team coaching – ICF certified team coaching training - Erickson College Canada (2007)
  • Leadership Management Coaching – course led  by Sir John Whitmore - Performance Consultants Int. Ltd. Koučink Centrum Praha (2007)
  • Long term  professional training in PCA (C. Rogers) psychotherapy (2002- 2006) - PCA institute Prague
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral Technologies (Level 1 Certification) – training delivered by Don E. Beck - Copenhagen 2008; SDi Technologies (Level 1 2 Certification) – training led by Ch. Cook – Luzern 2008
  • Hogan Assessment Systems - certified training on the interpretation of psycho diagnostic system (Assessment Systems, s.r.o. 2007)
  • CEB SHL – Talent Assessement Solutions - certified training on the interpretation of psycho diagnostic system SHL (ITO United Change, s.r.o. 2015)
  • Sociomaping -  certified training on interpreting Sociomaps – (Qed Group, a.s. 2008)
  • NLP Practicioner (The Calm Coaching – UK, 2013; The Way of Eagle, s.r.o. 2017)

Selected coached positions:

  • top management and board members - banking, insurance companies, retail, IT, energy, health care (hospital)
  • HR manager, Risk Manager, Research & Development Manager, Strategic Marketing Manager, Regional Director, Branch Manager, Sales Manager, Back Office Manager, Software development Manager  


·         Coaching - Czech, Spanish, English, Russian

·         Training – Czech, Spanish, Russian 


  • Nature and outdoor activities - mountaineering, diving, mountain biking
  • Photography
  • Travelling
  • Alternative way of personal growth


                                                                                                                             Jan Hruška




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