Individual Coaching

This coaching Metod, as a relatively new approach on the Czech market used in the area of personal potential development, can be applied when we work with the principle of having respect to other people as well as self-respect. A coach works with his clients as a partner, guides them on their way to self-development and expanding their potential; respects fully the individuality of each client, however asks questions to reveal a new perspective divergent from the client‘s perception of reality. A coach offers mutual creativity and support in managing the process of change the client intends to achieve.

Who is the intended coaching audience?
Coaching is for anybody who is willing to achieve a change in a particular area and is prepared to invest enthusiasm and time into accomplishing this change.

Who is coaching not for?
Coaching is not for those who believe that the coach is going to be the one executing the change and also for those who are not willing to pursue any changes. | | | coaching, training, teambuilding ...