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The Coaching Game upgrades organizational activities, transforming them into extraordinary, unforgettable personal encounters. It generates quality interaction between employees, inspires communication, and lends added value to every player. Its use enables players to break out of their boxes and their habits, and examine workplace dilemmas from a new vantage point.

The Coaching Game can be used for activities and tasks such as:
  • Team development 
  • Leadership development
  • Feedback processes
  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • Defining a vision and goals
  • Sales training
  • Brainstorming
  • Staff meetings

Using The Coaching Game is easy; the only thing required is initiative. Its design is inviting and welcoming; in most cases, it’s enough to take it out and put it on the table at the appropriate moment.
The game invariably generates an enthusiastic response, interest, and cooperation from the group, thereby reducing confrontation while increasing readiness to “get down to business” and share with each other our workplace-related insights.
The Coaching Game can be used in the workplace one on one or in group, with play adaptable according to the objective(s).
The Coaching Game enables every executive / employee in the organization to touch the personal dimension and to empower it, without need for or dependence upon an outside facilitator.

While playing The Coaching Game, the executive or employee can:
  • Improve his / her ability to lead processes and people successfully
  • Transform any organizational activity into a powerful, unforgettable encounter
  • Generate quality interaction and cooperation between employees / participants in the activity
  • Expand employees’ / participants’ points of view while examining workplace dilemmas from various angles
  • Gain clarity regarding desired results and motivate people
The Coaching Game contains:
  • 65 Coaching Cards, on each of which appears a topic depicted by a visual point of view
  • A 165-page, full-color Coaching Book, each two-page spread of which is dedicated to a topic treated from a 360 “surround-look” depicted by a story (folk tale, or true account); several relevant quotes (deliberately contradictory, so as to stimulate discussion and broaden viewpoints); queries (both philosophical and concrete coaching queries that aid in understanding how the specific topic relates to the organization and routine work today.
  • A fabric Quadrant Layout Chart that serves as the game board, on which appear four coaching processes that enable exploration of a specific issue that the organization is dealing with (By the way, every month we send out new downloadable Process Charts for members of our Newsletter Club… it’s also easy to invent your own.)
  • A Coaching Ticket Notepad on which you can write down the employee’s / executive’s / participant’s insights gained from
    the process, and formulate an Action Plan. The Coaching Game is a priceless tool for anyone who guides or leads others through a personal or professional development process. It's a special gift to executives, employees, and clients. Above all, it’s a special gift to yourself.
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