1. What exactly is The Coaching Game?
The Coaching Game is a powerful tool that opens up communication between people and lets you discover and explore a different point of view to your problem or issue. It can be played alone, with your client, partner or friend, or in groups. You can see how The Coaching Game looks like and what it contains here.

2. Do I have to be a coach to being able to use/play The Coaching Game?
No. Even though The Coaching Game is an excellent coaching tool for coaches, therapists, psychologists, etc., its aim is that everybody can use it. Either at home alone, with the partner or with the whole family. It can be adapted to different professions. Our experience and collaborations show that people adapt it to their own practices - be it teaching, theater, management, chinese medicine, massage therapy, family events, etc.

3. I am mostly coaching over the phone or online - how can I use The Coaching Game?
There are many ways to use The Coaching Game with someone online or over the phone. Here are two:
  1. If he/she has an internet connection they can login to our website (http://klient.alpinautic.cz/card/index.php?ln=en) náš link a stránka na Card of the Day!!! and pick their card of the day. After they picked       their card you can open the book on the page that appears on his/her card and read the text of the card out loud.
  2. You can ask him/her to choose a number from 16 to 144 (which are the numbers in the book) and after he/she chooses a number you can open the book at that page and read to her/him the text in the book and also describe the photos that you see in the book and on the card to them.

4. Where can I get information about how to use The Coaching Game alone, one-on-one or in groups?
On our website under Activities and instructions.

5. Why is it called game? Is there something to win?
The Coaching Game has no winners or losers. It is called a game because when we play:
    1. we dare to say things that we normally would not say
    2. we take chances.
Moreover, the play context is a safe one, enabling each player to choose how actively to participate and share.

6. How can I purchase my own Coaching Game and how much does it cost?
You can find our order button on each page of the web. In case you would like to get more detailed information about the Coaching Game, you can either watch the video. introducing the game or read the written information.

7. How long does it take for my Coaching Game to arrive? Is there an express option?
The regular shipping within Czech Republic takes about 7 business days. You can order your Coaching Game express. It costs 150Kč for the express shipping and takes about  1-2 business days to arrive.

8. My Coaching Game still did not arrive. What can I do?
Please contact shop@alpinautic.cz or call  420777306576 so we can track and trace your parcel.

9. I received my game and don't know what to do - please help.
Take your time to dive into the possibilities of The Coaching Game. Schedule a session with yourself or someone else, spread the cards in front of you, just look at them and try to connect. Pick your card of the day or let your partner pick it and look what the pictures is trying to tell you. The book on pages 8-11 give you detailed information on how to play The Coaching Game.
Nevertheless, our service of getting you started with it is included in the price of The Coaching Game.
Feel free to contact us anytime. Simply send an e-mail to thecoachinggame@alpinautic.cz or call 420777306576.
10. Do you have an office in my country?
Alpinautic Group is the distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republic. To find distributors of Points of You worldwide click here.

11. Is there a possibility to translate The Coaching Game into my language?
The Coaching Game already exists in Hebrew, English and German. The Czech version is being prepared for launch in summer 2011.
We invite you to open Points of You in your country/language.
For further details concerning other languages contact the Points of you Office: feel@thecoachingame.com
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