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POINTS OF YOU – The Coaching Game is a powerful tool used to generate clear, quality communication between people. We call it a game because when we play, 1) we dare to say things that we normally wouldn’t say, and 2) we take chances. Moreover, the play context is a safe one, enabling each player to choose how actively to participate and share. The Coaching Game has no winners or losers, but rather stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation. It can be used in varying ways and adapted to various groups: individuals, professionals, and organizations.

The Coaching Game brings together in one “package” 65 Life Topics that touch us all. Each topic is presented via various media, both textual and visual, including pictures, a story, quotes, and thought-stimulating queries.

The Coaching Game activates a special link between topics and words, pictures, and questions. This link enables delving into issues and processes that are significant in our lives, leading to awareness and action by generating new points of view via which we can shift automatic patterns that we’ve been following in our daily lives.

The Coaching Game is the result of extensive thought and attention to detail, and features an unusual design. It’s packaged in a special fabric and contains hundreds of meticulously chosen, breathtaking photos taken by over 200 photographers throughout the world. The game’s materials and appearance are an experience in themselves that have inspired enthusiastic responses and have won the game recognition at design and innovation exhibits worldwide.

The Coaching Game’s contents include 65 Coaching Cards, a Coaching Book, a Coaching Ticket Notepad, and a Coaching Layout Chart of four Contemplation Processes that are at once simple and efficient.

The Coaching Game has been a huge success in Israel from the moment of its launch in April 2007, and is sold today throughout the world, offering you an appealing business opportunity. Nearly every day we receive excited feedback from people who share with us how The Coaching Game has touched their lives. | | | coaching, training, teambuilding ...