Coaching & training

Individual and team coaching assists in increasing the potential of teams and individual managers

The coaching division comprises of independent coaches who build on their high professionalism and quality in their work. Coaches respect people as authonomous individuals equipped with all requirements for self-development and professional and personal growth.

As people we have different personalities with varied interests and activities, which results in a wide range of our professional activities.

As professionals we rely on our previous professional and life experience. During coaching with clients we are able to draw on many years of experience in managerial positions, or in education and personal development areas.

One of the key aspects of maintaining the professional quality of coaching is continuous professional and personal development. Our coaching approach is based on internationally certified training in the Erickson TASC systemic method of coaching delivered and certified by Erickson College in Vancouver, Canada (accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF), Trainer’s Training in the Erickson approach,, Leadership training with Sir John Whitmore – Performance consultants. Individually we are members of ICF (International Coach Federation),, and ČAKO (The Czech Association of Coaches),

Integral Headway © is a brand associating personal growth programmes. These work on principle of Integral thinking with the aim to improve it. For further information please visit the webpage about Spiral Dynamics.
We offer a comprehensive set of programmes: Leadership and Coaching academy. Detailed information available here.

Partnership: as a group we are open to a wide range of co-operation activities together with other professionals. For various projects we engage with companies such as Growth Point ltd., RA solutions ltd., Spolupráce ltd., Assessement Systems ltd., Book ltd.


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